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“La Cresta” is the term generally used for the entire Santa Rosa Plateau, as it is the first part of the Plateau to be developed in the 1960s. It represents a significant part of the Plateau, with its border near the entrance, 5878 acres, 887 individual parcels, and 26 miles of private roads.  La Cresta Property Owners Association (LCPOA) is one of the six entities that make up the communities of the Santa Rosa Plateau. La Cresta’s minimum parcel size is 5 acres (some net out at 4.x, due to easements and cul de sacs), and is home to a diverse range of properties, including vineyards, orchards, view homes, and equestrian estates. Residents enjoy a robust recreational trails system, which circumnavigates the entire region with trails for hikers, bicyclists, and of course, horse enthusiasts.


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