About Tenaja

Tenaja is a Community Service District (CSD), as opposed to a traditional homeowners association. This structure provides for a little more flexibility in building and maintaining properties, as residents answer to a board and the County of Riverside for guidelines. The dues, as such, are minimal. The downside is that the roads are maintained by the county, not by dues, so there may be a slight compromise. Tenaja’s (and La Cresta Highland’s) claim to fame came about when Ronald and Nancy Reagan bought over 700 acres here, living and riding horses on our magical Plateau for about 10 years, before moving to Santa Ynez. We classify the 5-acre minimum Tenaja by three distinctions:

  1. Tenaja “the horsey side”, which is the flatter areas within the Tenaja Valley. It is fantastic for equestrians, as the properties here tend to be more flat and usable.
  2. Tenaja “the ocean-view side”. This is the southern area off of the street, Corona Cala Camino. This is less equestrian, with a focus on views. From several areas, you can see the Pacific Ocean.
  3. Tenaja “the vernal pools area”. On the street, Via Volcano, you will find one of Mother Nature’s most special creations – the vernal pools. On this side of Tenaja, you will find it more sparsely populated with the 501c3 Nature Conservancy owning quite a bit of land. This gives the area a rural vibe with big views (some ocean) and abundant wildlife.


Why we love it

The variety of topography! There are massive equestrian properties, homes perched on an ocean-view cliff, and everything in between. There are no traditional HOA rules and fees here.

What to expect

Depending on which area you choose, you may find that it feels a little more rural, or requires a bit more drive time. There is no clubhouse or common grounds.

Need to know

There are THREE distinct areas of Tenaja - 1. The Horsey Side 2. The Ocean View Side 3. The Vernal Pool Side

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