La Cresta Real Estate and abcSAGE Featured in Plateau Views Magazine


La Cresta Real Estate and abcSAGE Featured in Plateau Views Magazine

La Cresta, CA United States, March 7, 2022 by La Cresta Real Estate

La Cresta Real Estate and abcSAGE are honored to be highlighted in the January 2022 issue of Plateau Views Magazine.  Reinvesting in the community they love for 20 years, Kelly Smith and her husband Steve Fulgham are thrilled with this recognition.

Surrounded by the Santa Rosa Ecological Reserve and the Cleveland National Forest, the hidden gem of La Cresta was stumbled upon during a couple’s motorcycle ride.  Still living in their dream home, they continue to improve the lives of those around them.

From acting to advertising, Kelly’s road to real estate was marked by many exciting detours.  And Steve is no different, ending up in construction after careers in computer software and the restaurant business.

It is as close to Texas country living and hospitality as I will ever find in Southern California,” says Kelly, owner of La Cresta Real Estate.

Steve, owner of abcSAGE has a mantra, I love helping our Santa Rosa Plateau neighbors with their roofing and construction needs.

Because of their hard work and determination, they both wake up to explore more of their community each work day.  And work sure is more enjoyable when it’s in such a gorgeous place!

2022 Feature

Kelly Hughes, publisher of had this to say about the couple, The La Cresta community is happy and proud to call Kelly and Steve residents. They are great neighbors, leaders and assets to the La Cresta community.”

Why Investing in Your Community Is Rewarding

Many people call themselves entrepreneurs, but the ones deserving of the title are looking out for more than their business.  Obviously that’s still important, but the longer you operate in a geographical area the more its needs seem to become your own.  Especially when you have the means to do something about it!

Kelly and Steve took this to heart and have been active ever since.  Whether it’s the Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation (SRPNEF) or the Olive Crest Cruise 4 Kids, giving comes naturally to these successful business owners.  Because leaving a legacy of philanthropy and goodwill to La Cresta is high on their priority list!

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “Leave a place better than you found it.”  On a broader scale this can apply to your locality.  And the businesses run by Steve and Kelly are a great picture of this.  How?

abcSAGE builds the homes in the community and La Cresta Real Estate sells them.  At every touchpoint, prospective buyers learn more about the area from these two longtime residents.

Why do thriving communities typically have a strong sense of shared purpose?  The people are involved with future generations as well as their own.  An earlier example we shared was the SRPNEF foundation, which sponsors an annual trip for 3rd graders to explore the wonders of the Reserve.

Wanting to get future residents as excited about La Cresta as they are, Kelly and Steve find this volunteer work rewarding.  They both understand this jewel is too beautiful to be hidden away and collect dust.  It needs to be on display for all to enjoy so it’s unsurprising the community has taken notice of this passion.

How Can I Get in Touch With La Cresta and abcSAGE?

At over 2,100 feet in elevation, this residential community offers amazing views while also boasting a family friendly environment.  The Santa Rosa Plateau is an oasis of five-acre minimum farms, ranches, and estates only 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Once you visit, you’ll see why so many have decided to settle down and put deep roots on the Plateau.  Steve and Kelly would love to tell you their own story of getting lost and stumbling upon this mecca.  It’s a great one so be sure to ask!

Steve (abcSAGE) and Kelly (La Cresta Real Estate) have been living and building on the Plateau since 2002.  Adored by their neighbors and viewed as a go-to for help, they are truly thankful that the fork in the road led them where it did.

Are you interested in learning more about taking up residence in La Cresta?

Get in touch with Kelly by emailing or by calling 951-837-1650.  Steve can be reached at 844-404-7243 or by email at

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