What to do in Historic Downtown Murrieta?

Hey y’all, welcome back to La Cresta Life. Today, I took us on a field trip right down to Old Town Murrieta about 15-20 minutes down the hill from La Cresta.

Our main street through Murrieta, (they call it Historic downtown Murrieta, sometimes people call it Old Town Murrieta) is the old Hwy 395 and that was the north-south route in California before the big freeways went in and it goes right through our little town. You can see it’s quite a little Mayberry situation. We’ve got restaurants on both sides of the street and lots of activity.

One of the newer things that and has been happening down here, is this two Thursday’s a month in the evening, the town opens up to an evening lifestyle where the shops take their wares out on the sidewalks and the restaurants are all open and there’s even food trucks and all kinds of music and and fun activities. So people are strolling. If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, it reminds me a little bit of Stars Hollow – such a great place to be and a new development here in Murrieta.

So thanks for joining me here at La Cresta life. Not in La Cresta this time but in historic Old Town, Murrieta. I enjoyed bringing this to you. It’s just another little cherry on our Sunday here in Southwest Riverside County.

We’ll see you next time on La Cresta Life.


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