Why You Should Buy Your Next Property in Murrieta, CA

La Cresta Real Estate - Why You Should Buy Your Next Property in Murrieta, CA

La Cresta Real Estate - Why You Should Buy Your Next Property in Murrieta, CA

Shopping for luxury homes in southwestern California can be difficult when you’re faced with so many appealing options. With a comfortable climate, gorgeous scenery and a vibrant community spirit, the town of Murrieta, CA, is an excellent location to narrow your search. Located less than 70 miles from Los Angeles and less than 60 miles from San Diego, Murrieta is a prime spot for commuters and nature lovers. When you take a short drive up to the Santa Rosa Plateau, you can visit La Cresta and see what living in a mountain paradise looks like. Here are some of the reasons why you should examine the houses for sale in Murrieta.

An Unforgettable View

The view from the Santa Rosa Plateau is indescribable. La Cresta is nestled between the Cleveland Forest and Santa Rosa Ecological Reserve and provides unforgettable views of Mount Baldy, Mount San Juanito and Palomar Mountain. The plateau is 2000 feet above Murrieta, and its landscape includes vibrant forests, abundant vineyards and orchards.

Wine Country at Its Finest

If you’re a wine enthusiast, La Cresta is an ideal location to call home. After the University of California, Davis planted an experimental vineyard on the Santa Rosa Plateau in 1975, the area became well-known for producing exceptional grapes. The year after the UC Davis tests, over 40 vineyards were established in the area. Several La Cresta residents grow grapes for local vineyards, and some even produce their own brands. As a La Cresta resident, you’ll have several opportunities to visit local growers and sample their delicious wines. Wine tastings on the plateau are by appointment only, so you don’t have to worry about a crowd of tourists blocking the neighborhood roads.

Equestrian Heaven

Horse riding is a way of life at La Cresta, and unlike other equestrian-friendly communities, La Cresta is committed to maintaining its trails for equestrian activities. Residents have access to the vast trail system that dips into the Ecological Reserve and Cleveland Forest. You can join the local riding club to learn more about the trail system, and if you prefer to hike or bike, you can find trails designated only for hikers and cyclists.

Community Spirit

La Cresta is a unique neighborhood that gives its residents the feel of a rural environment supported by a devoted community culture. The community holds several events for its residents, including wine tastings, bingo, parades and game nights. In the summer, you can travel to Clinton Keith for a night of live musical performances.

A Unique Climate

Because of the area’s elevation and proximity to the mountain ranges, La Cresta enjoys a microclimate, unlike the conditions in Murrieta. In the afternoon, the breeze from the Pacific Ocean cools down the plateau and provides relief from the summer sun. Santa Rosa residents enjoy temperatures that are 10 to 15 degrees cooler than those in Murrieta. Winter weather is cooler on the plateau, but you’ll rarely experience temperatures near the freezing mark.

A Place for You at La Cresta

California has many luxury home developments, but few are as spectacular as La Cresta. With incredible scenery, spacious lots and access to numerous nature trails and community activities, La Cresta is the perfect spot to call home.

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